Century deck hardware




Step pad frames, vents, lights, and lots more!!

Century parts 001.JPGCentury parts 007.JPG

Step pad frames $125pr single frame $50

Century parts 022.JPG

shifter $75 10 Century vent $69

Bow vent.jpg

Coronado bow vent $79 C-743 vents $99ea

Century parts 006.JPG

Transom V $old C-799 vents $79ea


Century parts 008.JPGCentury Bow pole.jpg

Stern pole socket $100 Used bow pole $OLD

Century parts 009.JPGCentury frames.jpg

Bow hardware $OLD Step pad frames $125pr

Century parts 010.JPGCentury parts 011.JPG

Lift rings & Trims $39-49ea Bow vent $150

Century parts 012.JPGFlorida 2016 026.JPG

Vents $old Transom names $100ea

Century parts 005.JPGCentury parts 017.JPG

Dash Emblem $85 underwater hardware

Century parts 015.JPG

Fuel caps $50-UP Pair of vents $250

Century ladder Possibly NOS $250 A/C Century dash board $400

NOS AC dash panel $1200

Mid 1960s Possibly NOS $300